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Efficient slab lifting solutions for landscaping projects streamline your slab installation process with our powerful vacuums designed for lifting heavy slabs with ease. Perfect for landscaping applications, these vacuums ensure precise and safe handling, reducing installation time and effort.

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Secure fixtures for step and wall installations ensure precise and secure installations of steps and walls with our specialized clamps. Designed for the landscape industry, these clamps provide a strong grip, allowing for accurate alignment and stability during construction, enhancing the overall quality of your projects.

Mquip Clamp Specs


Designed for optimal base material compaction and rolling compaction of slabs and pavers. These machines ensure uniform density and stability, essential for durable outdoor features.

Compactor Specs

Hand Tools

Professional-grade tools for landscaping precision empower your landscaping work with our range of hand tools, including hammers, carbide chisels, and diamond blades. From shaping stones to cutting materials with precision, our tools are crafted for durability and performance, enabling landscapers to achieve exceptional results in their projects.

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Tool Rentals

Rent top-quality vacuum lifters and tampers at The Stone Depot for your construction needs. Our easy rental process ensures you get the right tools quickly, allowing you to tackle heavy lifting and compaction tasks with confidence and efficiency.

Vacuums & Lifters
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