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Frequently Asked Questions


Does The Stone Depot do installations?

No. However, we do work with a variety of both landscape and masonry installers and can recommend someone based on the project you are doing.

What sort of winter maintenance do pavers and flagstone require?

If your pavers or flagstone are in an area that’s used over winter chances are you will have some winter maintenance. Many of Techo-Bloc and Permacon’s pavers offer warranties against de-icing salt damage(see manufacturers websites for details). However, for natural stone and some precast concrete products are not salt resistant and require an alternative for winter maintenance. Before using any chemical compound check with the instructions on the product to make sure if it is safe for the surface you’re putting it on.

What’s required to install stone on the front of my house or inside.

The masonry products we carry basically have 3 different applications for installation: full bedded installation, thin veneer installation and mechanically fastened installation(screw on). Full bedded installation requires a brick ledge or angle iron. Thin veneer requires backing materials. Mechanically fastened product requires a starter strip and an electric drill. Talk to your Stone Depot representative about the advantages and disadvantages of each application.

Do you carry everything in stock?

Because we work with nearly 50 manufacturers offering thousands of profiles and colors, we understand that we can't stock everything. However, we do maintain a wide variety of items that are typically readily available.

What if I can’t make it in during business hours?

No problem. Our landscaping displays are accessible anytime of day and we have magazine boxes with our landscaping catalogues available.

Are you open all year round?

Yes! We are closed some holidays.

Do you serve the general public or just contractors?

We serve both retail customers and contractors. Our showroom is fully accessible to the public during business hours.

Do you sell random flagstone by the pallet or by the piece?

Buy what you need! flagstone does not have to be sold in full pallet quantities 

Do you sell polished granite or marble for counter tops?

No, Countertop materials are not something we specialize in. 

Do you sell gravel, pea gravel and other aggregates?

We do not, however  we can direct to other businesses in the area that do!

What’s a ball park price for installation?

We can connect you with a contractor who is able to do a site visit to assess your project and give you a quote.

Is natural stone a lot more expensive than concrete pavers?

Not necessarily. Random(irregular shaped) flagstone stone is relatively economical although it has different challenges with installation.  With regards to square cut natural stone there are more economical options in precast concrete pavers and slabs, however, many of the precast concrete slabs that more accurately simulate a natural stone are in the same price range as our square cut natural stone. Our sales team would love to work with  you on what product is right for your project. 

Can I take a look in your yard?

One of our sales personnel can walk you around,  however, our displays do a far better job of helping clients get an accurate impression of the true representation of any given landscape or masonry product.

Do you have other locations?


What’s the lead time on delivery of products?

If we have the product in stock we can typically deliver to you within 2-3 business days.

During the winter months (January to March), our deliveries occur approximately once every 1-2 weeks, with frequency subject to weather conditions.

If your product is being shipped from a supplier, it can take 2-6 weeks depending on the manufacturer.


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